When you take classes with us, you join a community of over 1,700 students who are committed to learning new skills, passionate about accomplishing goals and game to step outside of their comfort zone. Consider finding balance with Tai Chi, creating compelling scenes with an improv class or learn how to call the shots with a photography workshop. Take an art class with us and get inspired.

Classes Offered

ArtPlay for Artists with Autism

ArtPlay camps and classes, in partnership with Family Initiative, are designed for students with autism spectrum disorder to learn identity development, self-esteem and positive coping skills – all while having fun!

Classes are designed for students 8-25 and focus on identity development, self-awareness, self-esteem, and positive coping skills. Instructed by an experienced artist with support from Board Certified Behavioral Specialists.

Music classes are designed for students 8 – 18 and will engage children with Autism Spectrum Disorder with sound and music.

ArtPlay Acting & Improv classes are designed to engage children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in improvisation exercises to build and reinforce basic and successful social interaction skills. In these classes students can gain confidence, build social skills, increase self-expression, and have fun!

Come move with us! Dance classes are designed for students 8 – 18 and are will engage children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in movement and music.


Life or still life, beginner or advanced, there’s a drawing class that’s calling your name. Your creative journey starts with you, so pick your level and don’t stop until you get to your destination.

Explore the fundamental concepts of charcoal drawing through the study of still life arrangements! Students will begin to build the skills needed for dealing with more complex subjects such as the human body.

Advance your figure drawing skills by learning to understand and personally translate the subject, following a drawing demonstration. All skill levels welcome!

It’s no surprise artists everywhere are taking up colored pencils – they may be the most versatile of all art media!  No matter your style or level of experience, you will learn the secrets of quickly producing beautiful effects with simple tools.

If you can draw the letters ‘I’ ‘C’ ‘S’ and ‘O’, you can “tangle.” Zentangle® promotes a sense of well-being. No matter your skill level, you will experience success and a sense of fulfillment after just one class.


Color your world using acrylics, watercolors or oils. Whatever medium you choose, grow creatively with individual guidance while enjoying the camaraderie of other students.

Follow in the footsteps of old Masters like Gainsborough, Rembrandt, and Zorn! This class is designed to give students a handle on mixing and applying oil paints effectively.

Following one of the oldest traditions in art, students will observe and paint from a live nude model. A short demonstration will be given at the start of the class to give an overview of objectives and techniques applied to painting from life.

Is there anything more enjoyable than painting? What about painting your own adorable pet! In this workshop students will learn how to translate a photo of their furry friend into a work of art.

Performing Arts

Move your hips, your lips and your body as you enhance your creative expression and self-confidence with a performing arts class.

In this workshop, Bil Lepp will help tellers present their stories in a way that makes people go “do you make that up as you go along?”

Mixed Arts

Dive into different interests for a well-rounded, happier you. Our diverse collection of classes and workshops for all ages and abilities ensure you’ll never stop learning.

Improved happiness improves the performance for individual employees and organizations as a whole, increasing innovation, productivity, engagement, retention, and the satisfaction quality of individual’s work.

This workshop is for beginner to intermediate artists who want to learn how to create a good foundation, texture, and layers with oil and cold wax and also for artists who want to continue exploration into pushing their paintings further.

Join your friends for some fantastical flower fun!  Learn easy-to-make, colorful origami flowers embellished with a variety of options.

In this class we will explore the fundamentals of interior design and you will acquire the basics skills of architectural drawing.


Is there a visual artist, a musician or a performer in your future? Let imagination, education and discovery meet in exciting and new ways with an after-school or weekend class.

These classes will give your budding artist and opportunity to explore animal drawing, landscapes, and more while strengthening their most basic artistic skills.

In this class students will work from examples with the objective of turning a drawing into a painting.  Students will learn the canvas sketching process, be introduced to acrylic painting, and color theory.

This youth class is designed to foster an appreciation of art for students. We will introduce students to a variety of materials and artistic concepts to evoke their curiosity and to hone their natural creativity.

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